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Book: The Beaming Soul-5

As the innocent child trusts the words of its parents, so should you believe in the words of your ‘guru’. In these days of universal diffidence it is no less than a miracle to have confidence in yourself and your guide.

If you wish for pace of mind, don’t wreck the peace of others. If you seek the forgiveness of Allah’s blessings, be bliss to human beings. If you cherish salvation cherish it for all.

When the eye becomes the heart, the heart becomes the eye.

Use nothing that gives man a state of mind other than normal. Abstinence from tranquilizers and intoxicants is necessary for physical and spiritual health.

When a boat is about to sink, passengers of themselves begin to invoke Allah.

We earn to live and we live to earn.

Life by itself is not the aim of life. The aim of life is to attain life eternal.

We go along carrying the burden of others, and, having gone some way, we throw off all our burdens, and are silently lost in some unknown world.

It is sin to remember the sin you have already repented over. Forget about the sin you have given up.

Life is come from God; live it for God. Wealth is come from God; spend it in the way of God.

Students are the real inheritors of country.

Dearest of all is the person who, at first sight, inspires our heart to say, "Oh this face I haven seen before”.

That man is cursed twice who is not generous even with the money he has acquire wrongly.

The period before the dawn of knowledge is called the age of darkness.

Do not receive the kindness and generosity of a person as a matter of right. Show your gratitude.

Repentance when accepted will not allow you to sin again.

Sublime souls give sublimity to the company and gross spirits, grossness.

Frustration is far better than satisfaction when the desire itself is wrong.

The love of Allah and the love of Holy Prophet (SAW) should be placed above life and any other love in life.

Giving thanks for the bounty of Allah is to spend it in the service of those who are deprived of that blessing.

A liar is man who remains silent or speaks ambiguity when it is the moment of speaking the Truth.

Man will be resurrected in the same state and belief as he dies in. Pray that we do not die before we reaffirm our faith by reciting our Kalima.

Life is mundane. Life is religious. Life is spiritual. With the change of thought our life changes its titles and significance.

We wish Pharaoh’s Here and Moses’s Hereafter.

Nearness to beauty transforms the state and mind of man.

It is only the nearness of a Man of God that makes you a man of God, too.

To believe in Allah is to do as He bids.

Before you proceed to please Allah, do ascertain whether He is really displeased. You must first please the man who has informed you about Allah’s displeasure.

A man asked another, "Brother, do you know about the coming events?” He replied, "I am yet involved in the events going on”.

When child is ill, the mother will know how to pray.

To meet good people is to be assured of a good future.

The best speech is that which contains minimum words with maximum meanings.

He who reaches zenith must know that the decline follows.

If the Prophet’s (SAW) succession is not by inheritance, how can the saint’s succession be by inheritance? The concept of spiritual succession by heredity needs to be considered.

If the rood is going to fall, flee; but if the heavens begin to fall, stay on.

Know that the danger, which is sensed before time, can be averted. Our prayers do certainly hold back most of the impending hazards. May Allah save us from those dangers, which we sense not though they are near?

What better explanations of one’s failure can be than this statement that on has neither time nor disposition to go the way of religion.

The sun is far away but the sunshine is so near!

Our worst enemy is he who enters our life as a friend; our worst friend is he who leaves us an enemy.

He, who is not satisfied with the present, will not be satisfied with the future. Contentment is not a state of circumstances; it is a state of the soul. A man at peace with himself neither complains nor demands.

The success of life can be measured at the close of it.

The most dangerous enemy is the who deprives the traveller from his desire to continue his journey to Truth.

To distribute wealth among the poor is a virtue. To snatch wealth from the is a sin.

Ask of Allah that which you can spend in His way without a hitch. What you have begged of Him, you should keep it reserved to be sacrificed for Him, even though it be life itself.

He who believes that his sustenance is related to some material cause cannot be a perfect believer, and he who does not believe that life may shortly end is equally imperfect in belief.

He, who can submit to the will of Allah like Imam Hussain, can also smite with power like Ali (the hand of Allah).

What do you think of the Muslim who dresses the wounds of a swine?

How many paths can lead to the top of the mountain! But there is only one for the traveller to take.

Man despairs of the mercy of Allah when he despairs of his own future.

Today’s man remains more in fear of poverty than of death. First improve the economic condition of the poor, and then better their spiritual lot.

You are complaining against a friend who betrayed you. Complain about your intelligence, rather, for you took a cheat a friend.

Bounty received through prayer should be as much respected has granted to you. He who grants prayers will be pleased.

The mentor who satisfier your desire, is one, and the mentor who liberates you from desire, is another.

Expand but to a limit where shrinking shouldn’t be difficult. Secure but only so much as shouldn’t make leaving difficult.

Satan did not accept not accept man. Allah cursed Satan and dismissed him form His presence. Allah called man’s enemy His Own enemy. Now if man makes friends with Satan, it is greatly to be deplored.

Pray that when in Allah’s presence we may be able to submit some good deed or at least some good wish unfulfilled. Allah forbid that we should depend on the excuse that the World gave us no time to do so.

People marked contradictions between profession and practice in the lives of preachers and avoided listening to the word of truth. They plugged their ears. There are hundreds of thousands of mosques and as many imams. But the nation looks without an imam.

Even if we don’t acquire ecstasy when praying, we should say our prescribed prays. Prayer is compulsory, but not ecstasy.

If a house is on fire, it is your duty to put out the fire before undertaking research on its causes.

Stories of high soaring in the realm of dreams do not end the low nesses of life.

Life is a shady, fruit-giving tree, ceaselessly sawn by the saw of breath. None Knows what my happen when.

You can attain to a knowledge of truth in the same land, in the same age and in the same language, which Allah has made yours by birth.

Do not command the person whose hereafter does not seem commendable to you.

A river leaves long-lasting marks where it once flows.

The sky, as we see it, is the far the rest limit of one view and the stars are not as they appear to our eyes.

Man cannot love abstractions and ideologies. Man can love alone.

Durud is to remember the Holy Prophet (SAW). He who has reverence to him is always blessed.

The very situation which a common man regards as a situation for patience and resignation, for Men of the Lord the same situation is a cause if gratitude.

When vultures begin to hover over cities, then lives of citizens are in danger.

For a vulture detects the dead from well afar.

Do you know the reason why we remember some poets by observing a certain day of eulogy for them and some others by cerebrating their death anniversary with religious and spiritual fervour Urs? For example, while a devotional jubilation marks the observance of the death anniversaries of Main Muhammad Bakshah, Waris Shah, Shah Hussain, Bulleh Shah, Shah latif, Khawaja Ghulam farid, Amir Khusrau and others. For Iqbal, there is a mere Iqbal Day and no Urs. Why this difference?

Some one asked, "What use is rain”? The reply was, "My field is watered.” The reply now was, "My brother’s field is watered, too”.

It is the attention of the audience that lends beauty to the speech.

Success is not the achievement of a stray aim. Success is the achievement of that particular aim, other than which or beyond which there would be no aim.

An incompetent leader complains against his colleagues and followers. If you love to be called the sun, produces and spread light without complaining against your rays.

A word emerging from the depths of one soul must go deep into another soul.

Pray that your inner self be as beautiful as your outer self.

The world is ancient but it has not lost its newness.

What is your age? It is not what is past but what is yet to pass

Why inquire after the health of that of that goat which has seen a lion in a dream?

Islamic society means the Muslims way of life.

A shepherd, aware of the condition of his flock, is far better than a king who is unaware of the state of his subjects.

He who describes his spiritual experiences with a vies to impressing the other Muslims is a pretender

You have as much right over Allah’s universe as you give Him in your personal universe.

Why mention the son who is recognized only through his father!

Every man praises the life of others, and disparages his own, yet no one is will in go give up his life, howsoever inferior it may be.

Acquire as much knowledge as may be useful in your life. What can be translated into action alone is knowledge. Otherwise, it is an additional burden.

The disciple, who first accepts some one as guide and then speaks ill of him, is false and ill starred. He who talks against his teacher is deprived of knowledge.

He who showers delight on others sometimes happens to shed tears in loneliness.

Your love for the characterless person a taste for travel. Only the country of our beloved is our beloved country.

Should a man suddenly be blessed with insight, he would go mad with fear, seeing how strew with skeletons is this earth. The ruins of today were once great cities and the great cities of today will be ruins once again.

That which leaves you with no question, is a thin that has no answer.

It is the perfection of disciple’s devotion that makes the guide perfect.

It is the on-looker’s love that beautifies the vision.

If the arrival of a person hasn’t given delight, how will his departure cause distress?

If your toil is without pleasure, looking forward to its result is delusion.

Pantheism is no discipline of knowledge; it is vision.

Every face is the same one face.

Rather than talk about the person of your Benefactor, describe the blessings He has showered on you.

Reality is like your reflection in a mirror. You go near; it comes near. You step back; it steps back. You move aside; it moves aside, too.

Man reaches out as much in the service of his fellowmen as he rises towards Allah. The vertical journey is directly proportional to the horizontal journey.

In the vast ocean of humanity every man is as lonely as an island.

Fakr and anxiety about gain and loss are as unlikely to combine in the same person as smallpox and beauty in the same face.

How to help the blind man who stumbles at every step but is not prepared to admit that he is blind.

The biggest question is that the answer to which is with the questioner himself.

It is impossible to rid the heart of fear and anxiety is an overwhelming obstacle in the way of man’s elevation.

Man’s greatest wish is to please or impress everybody and his punishment is this—–that men will be neither impressed nor pleased.

He who does not respect the truthful, can be a false an; but he who does not respect the untruthful, may not necessarily be a truthful man.

What is preserved by memory is transient. Memory itself is not long enduring. The best knowledge is that which passes down to the heart and manifests itself in action.

Your Fakr begins from your becoming harmless and is completed by your growing beneficent.

No moment comes twice. No day can come a second time. Neither the day of birth nor the day of death comes a second time. The concept of celebrating a particular day needs to be considered!

What is called the rose wafts abroad on the wings of fragrance. The rose is the entity and the fragrance is the attribute. The entity is known by its attributes.

When one’s own sight is weak, the brightness of other’s faces grows dim.

If you ask people the golden period of their life, the reply will be that the golden period is already dead or is not yet born But the fact is that the best period is our present.

Hereafter is that time when the benefactor will demand an account of his kindnesses.

Power creates fear. Fear produces hatred. Hatred generates revolt. And revolt shatters power.

That foolish wife, who makes a slave of her husband, is after all known as the wife of a slave only! The wise wife makes a god of her husband and is herself called a goddess.

The sorrow that keeps you awake is better than the happiness that take you to sleep.

Only those who transcend space and time and sing hymns to the Creator of the universe, can, in the real sense of the word, be called the rightful claimants to the vicegerency of Allah.

Those who stole precious stone from historical buildings or palaces. Stars look beautiful only in heavens. Topics don’t evolve from phrases. Phrases issue from topics.

What use is that knowledge which cannot bring peace to its possessor or satisfy his wants? One May pray for deliverance form such knowledge.

If a king wishes to be near a faqir, it is his good fortune. But if a Faqir wishes to be near a king, it is his misfortune.

He how knows the secret of death, is not affected by the vicissitudes of life; and he who knows the secret of life, is not discouraged by the ravages of death. He, who has come to know his self, has come to know Reality.

A Faqir does not try to prove the Entity of Allah. He knows that only the on-looker’s eye can furnish proof for the existence of the sun.

Our life moves in a narrow orbit like that of a frog in a well. We are acquainted with a limited number of people. Our life is spent in limited activity. Our knowledge is limited. We can devote a lifetime to a library but we cannot exhaust a library. We do not understand full well even the members of our own family. How can we ever know about the houses in the streets in the city, the cities in the country, the countries in the world, the worlds in the universe? And then the Creator of the universe is a subject out of the range o four comprehensions. Add what is He? He alone knows! So bless you Allah-the Best of Creators!

Decree shatters design. Destiny is what is inevitable. Good fortune means proceeds more than deserts. Admonition is the outcome of misdeeds, and repentance delivers us from the sad consequences of our wrongdoings.

People do not join us in our joy. Who will share in our sorrow?

When the believer’s light of joy goes out, the unbeliever’s home is lit up with ceremonial lamps.

Islam is not the name given to the body of Muslim knowledge but to the pattern of Muslim behavior. In other words, Islam is not something to be talked but something to be done.

Not everything visible is perceptible. Nor is everything perceptible, visible

What a large tree there is inside a tiny seed! And how many seeds there are on a tree! That is, there are numberless seeds in one seed, and in the same way, there are numberless trees in one tree. Something to be pondered. Drops in an ocean and oceans in a drop!

What will he who has no light in his heart, gain from a festival of lamps?

We want our children to understand so much but they don’t. Our children also want us to understand so much but we don’t.

There was a false disciple who didn’t find a genuine guide in all his life. If don’t call that liar an ill-starred person, how will you describe him?

The time that goes by writes so much on the countenance of man. The dust of the road on the face of the traveller reveals the conditions of his journey.

Death is the protector of life, and life is the process of death.

Belittle not the reaches of sorrow; the wealth of sorrow is a special favours. Greatly blessed is the man whose nights are awake and whose dawns breathe sighs. The prayer of a grief-stricken heart can avert national calamities. The tears that are shed in the small hours of dark deep nights blaze for the glory of nations. Sorrow is the talisman that brings into being Attar, Rumi, Razi, and Ghazzali Iqbal. Even if sorrow be personal, its effects is universal. Sorrow weakens the weak but strengthens the strong.

An Unbeliever goes puffed up with his unbelief. Why doesn’t a believer pride himself on his belief?

A flower’s life of a day is better than a thorny acacia’s span of many years.

Life is much more than gathering and squandering. There are faces in it, and eyes, too.

There is a science running counter to every science. One should learn the science of protecting one’s science against its countering science. It is easy to light a lamp; but it is necessary to save it from storms, and difficult, too there is a desire running counter to every desire, and man’s inner conflict and lack of faith would not let him take a right and timely decision. A man of destiny makes the right decision, takes the right step at the right moment, and then leaves the result to Allah.

What does sin matter to the forgiving? Why mention error where there is Favours?

We live collectively but are answerable to Allah individually.

Every man’s living is secure in some part of his body. That part is to be guarded. For instance, a writer’s livelihood is seated in his understanding and memory—– in his pen; a speaker’s in his tongue; a singer’s in his melodious throat. It’s true to the extent that some people’s face alone is their fortune. Similarly some find their subsistence in the strength of their arms, others in their cunning; some in their faith, others, in the strength of their lack of faith, and others yet in their invalidity. Innocent. In several countries even sex forms a part of economics. In short, man seers his belly by means of some part of his body. Those who expend on their travels secure their living by writing travelogues. At the foot of great spiritual centers, there are open houses, preparing and offering free meals to all and sundry. Do you know where this supply comes from?

There were two friends. One said to the other, "Have you heard that story?” The other friend did not want to continue dialogue, replied cutting dialogue, and replied cutting the matter short, "No. I’ve heard the other story.”

A more fearful thing than death is the fear of death.

Mention not the thing you have not seen. And what use of talking about that which can’t be shown to anybody.

Beyond the sun there are no east’s and West’s. The skies have no dimensions and directions.

In spite of hazards life cannot end before its appointed hour; and in spite of precautions it cannot extend beyond its appointed hour.

If the eye be not there, is the scene to blame? If the heart response not, what sense does approach to Reality make? If the desire to travel weren’t there, what reward would the journey bring? If the heart believes not, what good is the Kalima on the tongue? The urge to set out for the journey is a gift of the Destination itself. The creator of desire is the very purpose of desire. That is, desire itself is the reward of desire. On the journey towards Truth, the intention to set out is Truth as also the journey is Truth.

Do look up to the sky, but do not forget that you are walking, down on earth.

What greater punishment for intemperance can there be than that man should have to take medicine instead of food?

When you think of Allah’s blessings and favours showered on you are sincerely thankful and when you think of your own shortcomings and errors sincerely seek His forgiveness.

The words spoken between two persons which the listener believes to be true but which the speaker knows to be false are called flattery. Colorless seed and colorless water in colorless soil! How did colors come to be?

He who repudiates authority after submission is Satan.

It is not sufficient for a Muslim to be only a follower of the urban. It is also very necessary for him to pledge his firm troth with the bearer of the Quran, the Prophet (SAW). The principles of the Quran constitute his (SAW) life. Or, say that there is no incompatibility between his (SAW) life and the principles of life according to the Quran; so much so that even before the Quran was revealed, the most esteemed Prophet (SAW) had lived his life in accordance with the principles of the Quran.

So long s there are tears in his eyes, ma cannot free himself from the concept of God.

Hypocrisy deprives man of his chance of approaching Allah. A hypocrite is he who loves Islam but is hostile to Muslims; who is not what he appears to be; who is one thing in company and another privacy; who speaks truly but promises falsely; who makes fun of friends but chats cheerfully with foes; who betrays benefactors; who does not thank man but sings hymns to God; who cannot keep his pledge; who would not find anybody better than himself; who considers himself the biggest brain of all; who cannot understand that Allah, when He so wills, can kames even of a speeder’s frail cobweb a solid reason.

Allah, the Most Kind, says, "Do not say ‘Fie’ to your parents. Do not scold them. Speak to them gently. Serve them in their old age as they served you in your childhood”. Today this command is addressed to you; tomorrow it will be addressed to your children.

One, who hurts human’s heart, cannot be blessed with the quest of Allah.

Considering any word superior to the word of the messenger of God (SAW) is as grievous a sin as to worship other than Allah.

The pains that man takes to cover up a deficiency, he might as well take to make it up.

Listen carefully the words of your ‘guru’. He talks your Revelation. Be attached sincerely to him, he bestows "knowledge” on you. Give him delight; he will lead you to your deliverance. Annoy him—–no, you don’t annoy him.

As the innocent child trusts the words of its parents, so should you believe in the words of your ‘guru’? In these days of universal diffidence it is no less than a miracle to have confidence in yourself and your guide.


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