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Book: The Beaming Soul-4

Negation is a form of affirmation, a degree of it. To lead men from negation to affirmatin is the job of one gifted with insight. In the same way it should be the wish of a man of faith to draw unbelief toward belief.

Food is essential to health, but food in itself is not health.

There is a time for a change of season and there is a season for a change of time. Circumstances go on changing, and one’s condition changes with circumstances. When night falls, sleep also emerges form somewhere. He alone succeeds, who keeps the lamp of hope alight in the shadows of adversity. Hope is the no description of any happening. It is only a state of disposition. It is the name of Man’s faith in Nature’s kindness.

The being that shapes the child in the mother’s womb; also gives shape t thought and action. Every face has its range of influence. Similarly every idea has its sphere of influence and every action its period of influence. Outside of its sphere of influence everything becomes ineffective. But some faces, ideas and actions encompass centuries and transcend ages.

You nee to think those Muslims on whom you cannot enforce Islam.

You need to think about Islam, which you cannot enforce on Muslims.

You need to think about that enforcing authority which cannot enforce Islam on Muslims.

The system of the universe includes good and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehood. This is the outer world of man. But in his inner world too, these same good and evil and faith and doubt rear on. The belief and faith, and chooses the path of good.

He, who is drowned in sin, is devoid of faith in prayer.

Poverty is no bar to your invoking blessings on the Prophet’s (SAW) august presence. He, the most esteemed, was poor among the poor, an orphan among orphans, a refugee among refugees and the Sultan of Time among Sultans. Economic deprivation is no obstacle to you seeking proximity to him (SAW). Nor is riches any assurance of your gaining access to him. (SAW).

That water which is outside of the ocean, you may call river, lake, cloud, dew or tear.

But that water which enters the ocean will only be called the ocean.

Belief in God, without belief in the Prophet (SAW), would still be unbelief.

Peace sets in when demand and complaint are weeded out of life. Peace stems from the remembrance of Allah and the Love of man. Hate creates restlessness, and restlessness produces fear. And fear kills peace. If there is no love, there is no peace of mind.

Before marrying, you consider a person’s presitn and past, but you forget that it is your future, which you are to spend together. A successful marriage is a blessing of Allah.

For a man to gain confidence in life it should suffice to know that there never was before him in this world, nor shall there be ever afterwards, another man like unto him. This tremendous unique individuality is a great bounty indeed.

The reason why contemporary man is stricken with fear is that he is deprived of the ecstasy of love. A multi-purpose life cannot escape fear, and fear is product of despair——despair of the mercy of Allah. If avarice knows no end, fear will know no end either. The more secure man makes himself, the more insecure he becomes. That is to say, its own "fortification” and "defences” ensnare life. There is nothing but fear on every side—-fear within and fear without. Your only means of deliverance from this fear is honoring you forehead by devout prostration before Allah.

The eyes of the unaware person open when death is gong to close them forever.

Be absorbed in Zikr (Remembrance of Allah) —- Peace will come.

The prophets of Allah and the saints of Allah do not break with anyone after troth has once been pledged. They do stand by you when you hold their hand in trust. Allah is independent of men, but His bondmen can never be indifferent or unconcerned. It is for this reason that they are called "Men of Allah”; that is, men of Allah are men of their fellowmen. Man can approach Allah only by serving and loving his fellowmen.

There are also such men of Allah who remain unknown all their lives. But the roses that bloom hidden from the eye of society will be called roses, nonetheless. It is for Allah Himself to decide as to what His friends have to go though. Here He seats one on the royal throne, there He hands another a beggar’s bowl. Men of love and loyalty pass through every state cheerfully. He who has pledged his with Him looks upon even calamities as an aspect of His benevolence.

Gnosis means being constantly in a state of wonder, identifying names and thereby identifying things, and observing the seen and discovering the unseen. Gnosis is the wisdom that leads from the many to the One that ignores all dispensations but that of the Absolute Disposer. The farthest we can go is to understand that we cannot understand Allah but that can only believe in Him.

Better alone than to have relations which change with times and circumstances.

Progress or evolution is necessary —– but how much of progress, after all, from the cradle to the grave? Real progress means that life should be easy and that death should not become difficult either.

It is a virtue to have faith in prayer. When we pray in loneliness and quiet, we happen to express our belief that Allah is beside us when we are alone, and that He also hears the language of silence. Sincerity in prayer brings tears to the eye, and these tears are proof that the supplication is granted. Prayer makes the impossible possible. Prayer transforms ages. Prayer can stop the wheel of time. Prayer can put off impending disasters. Prayer has great power. As long as there is faith in Allah, there is faith in prayer. He, who does not believe in prayer, has heart devoid of faith. Pay Allay that He may not let us despair of the usefulness of our prayers.

When we become assured of our spiritual welfare, we solicit others to work for their share the blessings of Heaven. But the only possible proof of truth of our claim is that we let them share with us the comforts o f our present life.

The love of Allah is in fact the love of the beloved Prophet of Allah (SAW). The Prophet (SAW) grants you the love of Allah, and Allah bestows on you the love of His Prophet (SAW). Love believes in no obstacles in the path of beloved’s obedience. Sacrifice is the miracle in the path of beloved’s obedience. Sacrifice is the miracle of love. Love produces a sense of wonder, absorption and awareness. The only way to deliverance from the contemporary agony of life is love.

How can he who is not sincere to himself, be sincere to others. Sincere friends will be for him who is sincere to his friends. This society is false to the false and true to the true. Avoiding the voice of his conscience the untrue person busies himself in worldly pursuits and thinks that he will gain the peace of mind. There also comes a time when whatever pleasure he derived form amassing material goods ceases to be pleasure, even though the things are still secure in his possession. His spirit continues to be restless. If in this predicament he starts distribution among Allah’s creatures whatever—-in terms of money and othre things —- exceeds his needs, his spiritual happines and peace will return.

The greatest virtue is that virtuous people become united in the way of Allah that the scholars and the saints come together. If all the political parties and all the Sufi orders join hands and hearts, the Nizam-i-Mustafa (Islamisation) will be established there and then. If they travel separately, they will have long way to go. The highest good in Islam is assembly. Sink your differences. Draw close as you drew apart. Our Kalima is in fact the Article of Tawheed (Oneness of God). The era, which we all earnestly wish to be ushered in, can set in once again through Kalima. We stand in our own way. Tawheed not only means Allah’s Tawheed but connotes the Wahdat (unity) of the Muslim Ummah as well —-The proper Tawheed has not been understood by almost all of us, since we the Muslims have failed to form a grand Wahdat.

Every preacher should think: how cans a person who does not like him, like his religion? To make your religion likeable, make your own actions likeable, your own personality likeable. Preach your faith considering the other person’s temperament, intelligence and need. Truth if used as a club in the hands of the unwise, will repel others.

Islam has made the Muslim a custodian of life and of the blessings of life. He should be the guardian of the blessings he has received from. Allah. Thus, it is our duty to look after our visible and invisible entity. The protection of our inner self means the protection of our imagination, the protection of our faith, the protection of our felling, the protection of our meditation and Zikr (Remembrance of Allah) and the protection of our joy and sorrow. The safety of the carnal self is also necessary. Man is himself the sentinel of the borders of his entity. We should take care and see that nothing enters or leaves our mind and body but in accordance with Allah’s injunctions. We can thus by making ourselves secure, bring security for Islam. Islam can be defended only if the Muslims are defended.

It is tyranny to force a person to act against his nature.

Love is a desire to have the nearness of Beauty and Beauty is the lover’s way of looking at the beloved.

The heart cannot attain to peace without the Zikr (Remembrance of Allah). The act that brings content partakes of this Zikr, and the place or the person whose proximity leads to this content of heart, also relates to the Zikr. For instance, as the Zikr brings peace, so will the person who remembers Allah, and the place where Allah is remembered, bring peace to your heart and soul. In other words, pilgrimage to the Holy Ka’ba, tears of homage at the sacred shrine of the Holy Prophet (SAW), visit to the Karbala, visits to the last abodes of the Elders of the Faith and calls at the bounteous houses of our venerable spiritual mentors— all open doors to our content of heart. These are the stages on the grand road to the great destination of the Zikr. If our intention is Allah, our entire journey is the Zikr.

All Orders of Al-Tariqqb are right in their approach, but the salvation of the Islamic Ummah requires that it should come up as one great unity. The path of Sufism you follow, comes of Islam; it is not Islam itself Islam is Islam.

The saying goes: Guard the entrance of your heart like a doorkeeper. Watch what desire goes in, what passion wells up. Don’t let in desires, which relate to the mortal world, and smother those passions, which are for what is besides Allah?

The birth of desire is natural. Desires continue to spring in the human heart. While a certain desire runs its course to frustration, a certain other desire makes man transcend all desires. Whereas one particular desire drives him form street to street, another one brings him face to face with himself, and yet another, with freak of good luck, blesses him with salvation. What a certain desire is destined for, man should know, otherwise the desire will consume the marrow of his bones and will drip as tears of blood from his eyes.

Those who set out in search of Allah, end u0 with man, for the bondmen of Allah are men, and no more.

The most ill starred man is he who, being poor, remains hard-hearted.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was sent as Mercy and blessings to the universe. It is our duty to transmit his merciful manner to all men. Islam will reach them duly. When the day dawns after the dark night, the world, of its own accord looks at the sun — the eyes of people are naturally directed towards light. The religion of the sun is to give light, not to gain the recognition for itself.

Complain not to your fellow creatures against the Creator, and complain not to the Creator against hour fellow creatures. You will attain to peace.

Religiousness and worldliness: All right with the world of that man whose wife e and children are please with him; and all is right with the religion of that man whose parents are pleased with him.

He, who is untrue, can never wait for the true.

We can become a great nation if we forgive others and seek forgiveness of others.

Forbearance is man’s greatest power.

He who talks of his own sincerity is in fact talking of the insincerity of others. What is sincerity if its is not with the insincere?

Some are dead in life and some alive in death.

Hard work and struggle are necessary for progress. But let it not be forgotten that no effort can, make a horse out of an ass.

It is a great blessing of Allah that nonhuman creation, such as genie, angel, etc. cannot appear in non-human form in this world of man.

A glance of love will find colour and fragrance in the rose. Seen in hate, only its thorns will prick into view.

To a traveller passing through darkness, even a voice from afar, serves as a beacon of light.

Live with saints. Peace will come.

Remove the conflict between your desires and your duties. Peace will come.

If lust for gold and sensual pleasure is renounced, life becomes easy.

Do not destroy anybody’s peace. You will find peace.

Cleans your heart of ill will. You will find peace.

Fortunate is the person who remains please with his fortune.

Man becomes worried when he wishes to achieve some great aim but lacks the ability necessary to its achievement. It is important for one’s peace that either desire be toned down or capability be geared up. Every desire, for its satisfaction, demands a certain action. If there be no action, a desire is merely a dream. We should act here as we wish our Hereafter to be. Success is for those who strive; paradise is for those who believe and the pleasure of Eid for those who fast.

You can search the light of the world with the light of yours own eyes. You can search the light of Reality with the light of your illumined heart. You can search the truthful man with the truth o your owns soul.

Allah is the name of your own belief. There may be a million manifestations of Allah, but your relationship with Allah is as much as you believe in him and Willingly obey Him.

The most ill starred man is he who is poor in the extreme and believes not in Allah.

As communions and separation are the two different gifts of same beloved, so are the day and night the two different guises of the same sun.

Investigation (Tahqeeq) after declaration of submission (Tasleem) leads astray.

If you are looking for evil, look with in and if your are looking for good, look with out.

Our designs can change, His decisions cannot.

As long as there is greed, there shall be fear. He, who was rid of greed, became free of fear. The love of life creates the fear of death, while the love of an ideal removes the fear of death.

If a journey ends successfully, the whole course of it will be called successful.

Our joys depart and their legacy is sorrow the greater the joy, the greater the sorrow. Sorrow is the name given to the loss of joy.

When the eye becomes the heart, the heart becomes the eye.



  1. Its indeed the best thought ever written and manifest the dept of intuittive knowledge Wasif sb had

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