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Book: The Beaming Soul-3

Wealth does not just mean that you should have money in your pocket. Even the sight of your eyes is wealth. The idea flashing across your mind is wealth. The feeling filling your heart is wealth. The blood surging in your veins is wealth. This life itself is wealth and above all faith is wealth, too.

Men turn to Allah either out of fear or out of love. They invoke Allah to help when they are confronted with fear, created by the ever-moving wheel of Time. But invocation in love is a great blessing —— its is an eternal gift. In other words, men seek Allah because He can straighten out for them what has gone awry, while men of love wish to draw nigh to Allah so that they find composure, feel gratified and attain to peace. Devotions done in fear are one thing and prostrations made in love are another.

He, who seeks the good of all, finds good coming to him from Allah. Those who keep open houses and offer free fair, are never in want.

When Allah accepts repentance for sin, He wipes out the very memory of sin.

When Allah vouchsafes to favors you, He favors you with the love of His beloved Prophet (SAW). The love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is the essence of faith, Islam is nothing but devotion to Muhammad (SAW); this is the only touchstone of faith. The love of the chosen Prophet (SAW) is so great blessing that it bridges all distances of time and space. Those who love the Prophet (SAW), love every one of his following, and pray for the well being of the whole Ummah of the faithful. They deem it a crowing glory to be even beggars in the path of the Prophet�s love. The Prophet�s word is the last word for them. To those who love the Prophet (SAW), this universe is a mirror of the grandeur of the Prophet (SAW); and for them the Prophet (SAW) is a mirror reflecting the effulgence�s of Allah.

When respect and degradation, pain and pleasure, poverty and riches, life and death, all are from Allah, what is left with us except for submission?

The search for Truth, for the Truth conscious, for the men of heart, for the Imam of the age, or for the intimate of mysteries, involves no geographical journey. There is a great difference between the voyages of Sindbad and the travels of the seeker after Truth. The ego should attain to a state of self-realization before it embarks on its journey toward Truth. The clearer the mirror of the heart, the easier for it to receive the flashes of Truth. Approach to Allah is though prostration, with your brow brought low. Prostration is here below and connection on high. Divine blessings on the Prophet (SAW) are invoked here and accepted there. The first thing there for is self-reformation, enabling yourself to know what the radiance of Truth really means. Abu Jahl sees the prophet (SAW) but cannot have access to him (SAW), whereas Uawys of Qaran has access to him (SAW) although he has never been near him (SAW) physically. Destinations hail sincere seekers after Truth at he very outset.

Wonders stare us in the face but we pay no heed. What miracle the ordinary stupid looking brute, the cow, is. It is a marvel of Nature. It is a wonderful feat—-great miracle of converting grass into milk! Why don�t we consider?

To sorrow over your lot, to have sympathy for yourself, to prove yourself pitiable among people, is no man with more that he can bear. Ailing and feeble spirits always complain whereas healthy souls give thanks. To criticize life is to criticize the Creator, and such criticism deprives on of faith.

A man once asked another —— �Brother, when did you tell the first lie of your life?� He replied—– �The day I proclaimed that I always spoke the truth.�

If you want to translate knowledge into action, you require a �guru� besides your faith.

If, in spite of entreaty, prayer or wish, Noah�s son was not saved, his Prophet hood could not in the least be in doubt. It is as Allah, the Most High, wills —— He may grant a common man�s supplication and turn down a prophet�s plea. Allah dies what He likes

Men continually influence one another. Even if somebody passes by you silently, he leaves behind his influence. Men keep evoking love, hatred and fear in men�s hearts. It is also possible that a certain man just exchanges a glance with a certain other man and he solves his problems, gives him awareness and favours him with a perception of the Divine. The mere company of certain men may open a vista of knowledge. Man benefits considerably but silently from those who ate near him and who pass by him, and from those who stay in his sight.

Why does man feel so ashamed of his own condition when he notices the wealth of others? This dispensation is predestined. Our parents alone are a source of respect for us. Our identity is our own face, and our Hereafter is in terms of our own faith. Likewise, our pleasures lie in our own circumstances and surroundings. The peacock�s destiny is the peacocks and the crow�s the crow.

We cannot understand why it was this way with so and so and why it was they way with us. It is said that Moses (on him be peace asked Allah, �O Lord of the Worlds! Why did you create the lizzard�? Allah replied, �It�s strange. Just now the lizzard was saying, �O Master! Why, after all, did you create Moses? �The fact remains the same. If man be content with his lot, he will attain to a state of peace. A comparative view of Divine dispensation will not lead to peace.

Man neither loses nor gains in this world. He just comes here and departs.

Suffering comes:

�Because of our own actions�,

� In Proportion to our capacity of bearing pain�,

�At Allah�s bidding�.

These different acts of suffering have different categories but every kind of suffering comes to save us from a great suffering.


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