Posted by: Fayyaz Malik | جون 18, 2007

Book: The Beaming Soul-2

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, The Compassionate.


Your natural companion, your real identity, is the man within you, He it is who worships Allah or revolts against Him. He it is who goes for this world or aspires for the next. Your inner self is to make you worthy of reward or deserving of punishment. The decision lies with you. Your hidden self is your best friend as well as your worst enemy. You alone can make your journey full of hazards and you alone can make your destination full of bliss. If your inner self is safe you are safe; if not, not.

Faith reforms though and negates doubt and misgiving. It cleanses the heart of evil whispers and keeps us close to Allah in joy as well as in sorrow. We square up with all trails and understand that He, who gives us joys, can also bless us with the wealth of sorrow. Allah the Most High Does not deprives His bondmen from the firmness of conviction.

Know that he, whom after embracing Islam asserts or claims superiority over other Muslims, is in err. Even a mention of self-superiority is a negation of superiority, for this sense of superiority stems from human smallness and ignorance. Real superiority consists in sharing superiority with others, as knowledge consists in imparting knowledge to others. Otherwise, the desire to hold others in awe of our knowledge and to make theme feel inferior is our own ignorance.

It is sufficient proof or the smallness of any man that he should subject himself to self-praise. To hear praise from others is not commendable and to indulge in self-praise is condemnable.

Safety lies to in discovering who is making a hole in the boat but in steering the boat to the shore.

No prophet in now to appear in the world. So the great responsibility of reaching the faith rests with us all. The present Muslim Ummah Should first set itself right and then reform the world.

He, who deceives men in the name of religion, jeopardizes his prospects in the Hereafter, for success in the world to come is through religion, and there is not deceit, in religion. If there is deceit, then it is no religion.

He, who is trying to reform himself with an eye to public praise and esteem, will not be reformed. He who wants to get his virtues cashed in the world cannot be good. That �saint� who wants to over-awe the world because of his prayers is, in fact, a hypocrite.

Without our belief in the true bearer of tidings, the Holy Prophet (SAW), we cannot affirm the Tawheed (One�s of Allah).

The Quintessence of man in truth and truth cannot always compromise. If you keep silent when your should speak the truth, you will be deprived of truth. That man can never be truthful who speaks ambiguity when he should have spoken the truth.

The wise man reforms the unwise, the scholar instructs the unlettered, and the physician treats the ailing. What good can a doctor do if he has no compassion for his patient? Similarly what help can a reformer be, if he hates sinners? Every quality tends to influence what goes counter to it, but through love, not through hat.

If the price of saving your life be life itself, accept it

The Unknown is a type of knowledge. He, who is endowed with it, does not call it unknown but calls it known. So knowledge keeps emerging from the unknown into the known. Likewise, the Concealed cases to be concealed if it is revealed. The real Concealed comes not within the range of human awareness. It lies with Allah himself. We cannot even talk about that. So far as Allah is concerned nothing whatsoever can remain concealed from Him.

A hypocrite is a person whose actions in life are incompatible with his belief. Such a man gives up neither sin nor prayer. Allah is his social or political need, not his religious demand. His social or political need, not his religious demand. His lot is the torture of despair and ceaseless agony.

Orators here talk about the insecurity of times but they themselves are building their houses, with the conviction of security.

We keep saying �Allah�, �Allah� with our tongues. Allah is not word. Allah is no sound. Allah is no invocation, either. Allah is and Entity Holly and All-Transcending. It is to this Entity that we are related, but by our heart not by our tongues. If our heart gets connected with Allah, our entire being must necessarily be cast t in the mould of religion.

Man and wife should live as spring and garden. The garden that is stranger to spring is no garden, and the spring that visits so garden is no spring. Each lives through the other.

If Allah, the Most High, in His surging mercy forgives all his creatures, what will happen? Will the after-death scene be as terrible as certain people believe? Has not Allah the power and intention to forgive?

Man is ephemeral and Allah Eternal. The ephemeral informed the world about the nature and status of the Eternal. Or, you can say that the Eternal informed the world about Himself through the ephemeral. At what point the ephemeral and the Eternal being to know about each other is very difficult to determine. And yet to determine it is very important and essential

Old monarchs rode elephants to set off royal grandeur. Today our children have joyrides on elephants in zoo.

For the truthful man this universe reveals Reality and for the false one this same universe is the mask that conceals Reality.

The dove�s fledglings keep thriving is spite of hawks and falcons. Windstorms cannot blow out all the candles. Lions roar on and the beautiful young deer go frisking around. All these are Lord�s acts. His creation keeps to its appointed pattern of activity. The Pharaoh killed all the male children, but �that� baby boy escaped. Providence�s dispensations all! Time has progressed, but flies mosquitoes and tats breed still. Germicides produce new germs. Medicine has taken great strides in East and West. But diseases are also on the increase. Man was grieved yesterday; he is not happy even today. The remedy lies in his getting near to his Creator. Why do not people understand.


  1. salam sir i want to know more abt sir wasi ali wasif personal life .from where he get so much of knowledge and man more .if ucan mail me or any thing else

  2. simply great,excellent

  3. wowwww.i donothave words to describe the greatness of wasif ali wasif and his words.he was one and only,and will be in our hearts and thoughts forever.

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