Posted by: Fayyaz Malik | جون 18, 2007

Book: The Beaming Soul-1

Before We Begin


Today�s civilized man is up against a bizarre predicament. His very attempts to censure security for himself have resulted in making him even more insecure. Life, all its comforts notwithstanding, has succumbed to an endless anguish. Acts of virtue go completely unrewarded but vice, paying immediate dividends, bar the way like a sold wall. Everyone wants to get rid of his knowledge, acts, circumstances, desires and habits, in short he wants to be free even of his own self, he desires to be liberated from his own stranglehold, The storms of nameless anxieties blow out one by one the beacons of hope and enlightenment. The thinking faculties of the present-day man are n disarray. The profusion of leaders has created a vacuum of leadership. Mankind, once a unity, has been split up into factions. No one trusts anyone. Man no longer trusts even his own self. When the future itself is murky then the present, full of comforts though it may be, also appears to be meaningless. Everyone whishes to play the Saviour nowadays. It is like the outbreak of a messianic epidemic. And all this at a time when everybody seems to bear a gravestone on his head and those who wish to lament, mourn in fact for themselves. The just and unjust demands of living have become so massively threatening that human beings, face to face with their own helplessness and disability, are cracking up. Knowledge is on the increase and is available to more and more people. But as the libraries overflow with books, man�s heart becomes emptier f peace and tranquility. Our craze for the acquisition of life�s comforts is like a strangling creeper choking up our thoughts and feelings. If Socrates were reborn now be would be forced to drink hemlock again. Feelings are dead now. Today�s tragedy is that tragedy itself is dead and no own can spare a moment to mourn its demise. Men cannot understand why and to what end are heavenly commandments needed during their terrestrial vagabondage. Machines have robbed men of their decency. Sins have rendered prayers ineffective. There is so such light that the vision cannot function. In these circumstances what can a small book hope to achieve? But here is something well worth pondering upon, namely that although the world is flooded with people and there is no end to the tide of rising population, each new born child enters the arena with complete assurance and faith, heralding his arrival with the announcement that �much has been achieved but a great deal still remains to be done.�
A lamp visible from afar, in the dark of the nigh, cannot illuminate the way but it helps to create a mood which in turn allows the way-farer to shake off despondency and move towards hope and the goal of certainty is but a few steps away from hope.
For the man of ideas, the ideas emanate without sound, without words. But if these ideas have to be expressed they need words. Very often the words tend to obscure the ideas. The reader, therefore, is requested to keep and eye not only on the ideas, which the words propound, but also on the ideas, which words can never properly convey.


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